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allsafe is a leading provider of complex system solutions, tailor-made individual components, and standard supplies for load restraint. The company‘s high manufacturing standards, flexible project management, specialist engineering teams, and Germany-based production facilities have made it a preferred partner in the aircraft and automobile industries. Headquartered at Lake Constance, allsafe employs over 200 workers and took in revenues of €57 mil. in 2016 alone.

Excel overwhelmed by KPI reporting

In order to react proactively to the individual needs of its large network of clients, allsafe needs to process, summarize and prepare large quantities of sales data every day. Until recently, the company had been relying on Excel for its number crunching: data were collected from ERP systems and transferred into Excel, where they were manually transformed using complex Excel formulas before being turned into visuals for employees to act on.

But this decentralized calculation and transformation of process-driven KPIs made work difficult for allsafe. Calculation of KPIs required large investments of time and effort, so that daily reports were simply impossible – while at the same time, monthly reports meant that the company could no longer react to important changes at short notice. If a client changed an order, for example, or there was a sudden influx of new clients, production was unable to react flexibly, leaving revenue potential untapped.

In addition, getting the data required large amounts of manual input and processing; and because different employees had different approaches to the complex, fragmented spreadsheets, KPIs were often inconsistent. ERP project manager Christoph Lang and the sales department concluded:

“The sheer mass of data collected by a manufacturer and the complicated formulas involved brought Excel to the limits of its capabilities. We desperately needed a professional solution.”

Central platform for daily sales figures

What allsafe needed was a professional software solution tailored to the sales process, capable of producing up-to-the-minute reports from a central data store in order to maximize data reliability while reducing manual maintenance. The new BI system had to be able to handle budgeting, as well as providing an easy import interface for existing legacy systems (such as Datev in the accounting department). Jedox impressed allsafe as an intuitive, flexible solution which even non-programmers could easily administer for themselves.

All-round transparency thanks to dashboards

All-round transparency thanks to dashboardsThe Jedox software‘s design enabled allsafe to create a basic reports framework defining Key Performance Indicators which model structures and processes – and thanks to the framework, sales figures are effortlessly synced to the Jedox Web dashboard. In communication with the Jedox consulting team, Daniele Maiolo used the same principles to independently build a “sales cockpit” for his department, of which he is particularly proud. Thanks to Jedox, outdated information is no longer a problem: cancellations, alterations, and additions to client contracts are instantly recorded in the central database. Financial controlling can see its processing lines modeled in the dashboard, and company employees have on-the-go, up-to-the-minute data at their fingertips with Jedox Mobile.

“Jedox is an integral part of our performance management process. I can‘t imagine our sales department without it.” – Christoph Lang, ERP Project Manager, allsafe

Sales representatives find the overview feature particularly helpful: thanks to Jedox, representatives can now see delivery dates, high-revenue articles, frequency of client visits and revenue shares by product category even when in meetings with prospective clients, wherever their headquarters. Daniele Maiolo emphasizes the company‘s newfound confidence in the data: “Thanks to our daily Jedox reports, we can now react to short-term market developments quickly.”

Jedox also improves transparency in key account management: KPIs show the developments in revenue per client segment as well as prognoses, coverage, and supply overview.


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