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11 11, 2014

Batch Excel Part 2. Send the Excel file as attachment using JavaMail

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A while ago, I have written a blog about how to send a simple email using JavaMail in a Groovy script. The functionality described in the post is basic, meaning that you can send a simple mail, containing a title and text using your business email account. One of the comments I received for the post came from Alexander Schurman.

11 11, 2014

Batch Excel Part 1. Generate an Excel file

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Microsoft Excel is still the most widely used data analysis tool. Through its ease of use, it enables users to perform ad-hoc analysis and to adjust reports and dashboards independently. That is why exporting various reports available in Jedox Web to .xlsx files has an immediate appeal to Jedox users. Batch reporting is an equally important requirement, as it allows

26 06, 2014

Send an email using JavaMail in a Groovy script

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Sending and checking emails has long been a part of our everyday lives. Then why not use such a simple practice to effectively communicate business information? Jedox already gives us an example of such functionality. The Budget Data Entry web report (Bikers Best) offers the possibility of sending a customized email when budget data is submitted and revised. This functionality

9 04, 2014

Project workflow with Jedox

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For the purpose of this exercise, let’s imagine the following scenario. Company X has a number of ongoing projects.  We want to track project status (Initial, Submitted, Approved, Rejected, Closed) per year and per month. For this we make use of the Jedox BI Suite. We begin by designing a simple database which consists of four dimensions (Project, Year, Month, Status), where project dimensions