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As VP Jedox ANZ, Chris has extensive experience in delivering projects in business intelligence, budgeting & forecasting, corporate performance management to domestic and international clients.
2 03, 2015

ETL from Excel

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Month ends are like haircuts. Towards the end of the process, there are a lot of little snips and clips. Enter month-end adjusting journal into ERP, run Jedox Integrator, rinse, repeat. The adjustments can go on for a long time, so an easy way to process them is critical. Having a custom Jedox web page to run jobs helps, but

24 10, 2014

Managing Web Reporting – Part 2

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After being out in the wild for over 12 months, the Performance Dashboard has been one of the most popular posts on our blog. As it was originally written for in Jedox 5.0, we have updating it to reflect the latest functionality in 5.1 SR2. New Features Hits chart now using a Stock type chart, that allows zooming in to specific days

22 08, 2014

Scripting in ETL

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Some ETL tools out there use pure scripting to extract, load and transform data. Jedox has a classical ETL interface which allows you to re-use components and structure things in a modular, logical way. If scripting is the thing that you are used to, you can certainly go crazy in Jedox. There are a number of example of scripting jobs and

14 08, 2014

Logging your users

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Occasionally during a planning process, disaster strikes. Users can accidentally delete hard-worked-on plans, change some key drivers or alter report values during a printing process. Plans may be altered by unwittingly by colleagues or by well meaning management without understanding the consequences. This is where you need to understand what has been entered in the system and by whom. Jedox gives

31 07, 2014

Increasing Visibility of Load Errors

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The Jedox Task Manager gives you key information about a job’s execution. It notifies you every time a job is run, regardless whether there were errors or not. Sometimes though, you might require a bit more sophistication in the notifications. For instance, you might only want to receive a notification when there are errors or warnings in a job. Maybe receive the

15 07, 2014

Simple Profit and Loss Planning Template

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Templates should be simple, clean and easy to understand. They can come in a myriad of different formats, styles and cover a multitude of various models. As a template designer, the key is to try and make the template itself disappear into the background, while at the same time coaxing the actual information it contains into the foreground. So no crazy fonts, and

7 07, 2014

Jedox 5.1 – A Consultants Perspective : Part 4 – Wrap up

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  A final note on some small(ish), cool features in Jedox 5.1. The new write back functionality allows you to directly write back to a cube via controls such as drop lists, hyperlinks and macros. If the target cell is a palo.data, Jedox will try to write the passed value into the intersection in the cube. Check out some examples