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16 02, 2016

DynaRanges, cell references and conditional formatting

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DynaRanges constitute a dynamic area in a Jedox Web spreadsheet, allowing the user to build reports which dynamically and automatically adjust their layout to changing database contents. When viewing a spreadsheet which contains a DynaRange in Report Manager, the DynaRange is expanded in either horizontal or vertical direction. Each element in the source list of the DynaRange (for example, a

19 10, 2015

Special spreadsheet functions for Jedox Web Reports

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Besides Spreadsheet functions that are known from and work similar to Microsoft Excel, Jedox Web adds a set of unique helper functions that may come in handy when designing Jedox applications. Some of these, such as HIDEROW() / HIDECOLUMN(), or CURRENTUSER(), are probably pretty well-known. A couple of others are maybe not as prominent, but still can be quite useful

9 01, 2014

Application structure in Jedox Web: how to use application bundles

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In previous posts, I described that in order to make efficient use of hardware resources of the Server where Jedox Web is installed, you should attempt to limit both worksheet and workbook sizes. An application in Jedox Web will then most likely be comprised of several workbooks, potentially spread across various folders or even file groups. This may at first

25 11, 2013

Application structure in Jedox Web: memory usage

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I previously described that it is recommended to not put too much data into a single worksheet, in order to make efficient use of the Jedox Web server's CPU resources and limit the scrolling necessities for the end user. Workbook size and memory usage So, a possible conclusion would be to just separate all the data from one sheet into

22 11, 2013

Application structure in Jedox Web: resource usage

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You probably know it from working in Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheet files that contain 20, 30, or more worksheets, with thousands of rows of data. In Excel, this works (mostly) fine, as Excel was designed as a single-user desktop application, meaning that one user has all hardware resources of the given PC available. This way of designing spreadsheets also is so