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Julien Delvat, Practice Director for New Solutions at Alta Via Consulting (Jedox Partner), leverages 10 years of experience for the architecture, design, implementation and support of business models, processes and information systems supported by SAP ECC, BW and HANA. He focuses on solving scenarios rendered complex by their architecture, integration points, number of processes involved or scale, like profitability analysis and overhead management for large companies, new product introduction, or quotation / R&D costing.
22 02, 2016

Portfolio Planning: The Key is in the Process

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Every year, manufacturing companies struggle with the same challenge: planning sales volumes and prices at the same time as production volumes and costs. It's a chicken-and-the-egg issue between the Marketing and Product Management teams handling the customer side, and the Engineering and Cost Management teams, working on the product side. When searching for a solution online, one might come to