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7 09, 2014

Calendar Handling in Jedox : Formula Driven Dynamic Calendar

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In this post I plan to share a trick in Jedox spreadsheet to lay out a dynamic formula driven calendar based on your input month and year value the month laid out calendar changes itself according to the week days monthly template is laid out. The calendar is driven via another sheet in the wss, where the formulas are laid

24 01, 2014

The Best of All Worlds: Integrating OLAP, RDBMS and Web Services

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One click integration: OLAP/RDBMS/Online Service A requirement that is very often communicated to us in client projects these days is “Data mash up”. The ability to integrate internal and external data sources more effectively and enabling more holistic insights. One of the key challenges in the setup of analytical application processes is the side by side use of relational databases

24 01, 2014

The Power of Widgets

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Jedox Widgets One of my favourite features in Jedox Web are widgets. Widgets are an option to integrate Third party web services and functionality easily in your report. The start is very easy: Just Create a new workbook and choose Tools>Widgets>Custom Widget: Now you can either point to a URL or copy and paste the Widget code into the Widget