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Business Intelligence & Performance Management Consultant at Jedox partner Celcus.
24 09, 2015

Jedox Security – Rules in a group cube

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Jedox has the possibility to restrict your user in certain aspects. By defining your restrictions in the ‘group cell cubes’ it is possible to set your restrictions as detailed as you want! This blog provides insights in how to make practical use of your ‘group cell cubes’. The importance of security has grown as applications are growing in its usage

18 09, 2015

Jedox web – Adjusting data with buttons

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The usage of buttons within Jedox web can be helpful in order to make a ‘standard’ for adjusting your (meta-)data. This blog provides insight in how to successfully add elements, write data into cubes, adjust elements and delete elements. The example that is used in this blog relates to companies that enter their customers, projects, project-lines, etc. in their database.