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6 02, 2018

3 Ways to Ensure Your Financial Reports are Read

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Financial reporting can be perceived by many business managers as dull and too detailed. However, it’s important that your reports are read by those in your organisation who need to be privy to the data contained within them. Here are three top tips to ensure that your financial reports actually get read [...]

7 02, 2017

Welcome to the Office of the 21st Century (Guest Blog Post by Alta Via Consulting)

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From Spreadsheets to OLAP Database Analytics Most companies function in the online transaction processing (OLTP) space. The traditional database used primarily for keeping records of financial transactions and sales. The data gathered from these systems are then exported into Excel placed into pivot tables. Employees analyze the tables and place them into sales and financial reports. All useful business information

4 02, 2016

Predicting the 2016 Super Bowl with Jedox Data Visualization

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Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching! Let's have a look at our Jedox NFL Dashboard (last update was December 2015). The database was a .csv File with every NFL Game Stats (Regular Season) from @darenw (NFLSavant). Lets see the dashboard for the Super Bowl Game this weekend: General Stats about Yards, Touchdowns, Rushes, Passes, Incomplete Passes, Sacks, Interceptions and Fumbles: Carolina got

30 10, 2015

Who is hot and not in European Top Soccer Leagues? Comparing Top 4 European Soccer Leagues with Jedox

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These stats should clarify which teams has developed positively in the top European leagues in comparison to last year. The analysis compares each team at the same time last year - it includes only teams that have played the last two years in the top division of the country. Top 4 Leagues are in this case Premier League, La Liga,

1 09, 2015

Reinventing retail performance – part 6 Reporting

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Make your standard reporting flexible Data is changing everything from the in-store experience to product design to customer engagement. It makes sense to pull data from all the corporate sources into a secure common reporting layer. It does make sense to use one version of the truth and apply common business rules. It doesn’t make sense to rigidly enforce how

11 08, 2015

Reinventing retail performance – part 5

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Solve the right problem Every day, Retail divisions use data for planning, reporting and analysis. While they manage their own business functions, to truly perform, retailers need common data across divisions. Data is more useful when shared. This was why massive Data Warehousing projects tried to bring data like POS, GL, Web, HR, and inventory into one place. A problem with these