Flexible solutions for a soaring aviation service specialist

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Dynamic planning and reporting for a high-flying company

AviationPower provides a wide range of aeronautic services. The company based in Hamburg, Germany, was founded in 2004 as a joint venture of Lufthansa Technical Training and Manpower Germany. Today, the service provider with international cooperation partners employs 1,800 specialists from all areas of the aviation industry from its sites in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.

Comprehensive reporting for a diversified business
AviationPower started out in the field of recruitment services and has successively positioned itself as a specialist for comprehensive aviation services since 2011. In response to its rampant growth in recent years, the company has organized its business into different companies and divisions. Its employees and revenues have continually increased over the years as well. The growing flood of data and product diversification had soon made the company’s reporting processes very complex and strenuous. Planning and reporting with the existing solution based on Microsoft Excel involved high levels of manual work. Users were no longer satisfied with static reports that lacked filters.

Compelling prototype from Jedox
AviationPower decided to implement a professional BI solution. After narrowing down its options to three remaining vendors, the company chose Jedox as the best fit for its needs. The software easily processes masses of data, automatically loads data from various sources, enables ad hoc business analysis through an intuitive Excel add-in, and supports web reporting with dynamic filters in a spreadsheet-like environment.

The foreseeably fast implementation and strong user acceptance were other important arguments. A presentation meeting with Jedox finally tipped the scales in its favor. The project team at AviationPower was impressed by the targeted consulting and prototype featuring its own data and report templates.

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Step-by-step deployment with fast results

The implementation began with reporting actuals. Budgeting was added a year later. In a series of in-house workshops, a Jedox consultant helped the team build the model and multidimensional structures, define processes to load data from different sources systems, and design reports. A customized industry solution (LANDWEHR) and an ERP system based on Microsoft SQL Server are the main data sources.

The Jedox interface has a similar look and feel as Excel. The need for training following the rollout, therefore, was minimal. The controllers in charge had already learned the ins and outs of the BI solution while working together with the Jedox consultants and were able to quickly bring the users in various locations up to speed.

Ongoing in-house development
Today, reporting and planning is completely based on this central data model, which encompasses P&L and balance sheet data, statistics and user input. The system also enriches income statements, cost and revenue planning, and gross profit calculations, for example, with human resources data from the company itself or for the industry as a whole.

When new requirements or requests now arise, the controllers can implement them in Jedox on their own. One tool, for example, helps operational managers calculate salaries during HR planning. Another computes tax depreciations and useful life for new investments. Additional reporting modules and the integration of its subsidiary in the U.K. are planned for the future as well.

Ready access to relevant information
Thanks to Jedox, Aviation Power now delivers tailored reports on its highly diversified business. Extensive automation and centralized web access to reports and budget templates have saved the company a great deal of time. Budgeting, in particular, is much faster and simpler than in the past. The line-of-business managers also profit from mobile access to reports from their tablets or smartphones.


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