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Founded in 1852, Loomis has a long history of managing cash and supporting effective cash flow at banks, multi-location retailers, stores and other commercial enterprises. Loomis offers comprehensive solutions for cash handling primarily to banks and retailers through 23,000 employees at 400 branch offices across more than 20 countries worldwide. The cash handling specialist officially entered the Turkish market with its constantly growing demand for cash and gold logistics.

Loomis Turkey offers cash, jewelry and any valuable material handling, as well as money processing (counting, packing, arranging and storing banknotes), ATM supply and maintenance service in addition to alternative solutions such as smart case and electronic lock solutions.

Unmanageable operational data masses and restricted access to finance complicate reporting

Loomis Turkey has thousands of clients and tens of thousands of customer service points that accumulate huge amounts of operational data at the end of a very complexoperation. The staff aimed to prepare management reports but only within inflexible traditional methods. Due to the complexity of the data and growing time constraints, the number of reports was limited and only accessible to a limited number of people.

Loomis needed real-time overview of their operational and financial data, such as KPIs and driver-based costs as well as connected data, to monitor all profitability and operational data from various perspectives. The Finance team at Loomis turned to Jedox to set up a solution which processes all necessary reports and enable mobile data access anywhere and anytime with granular and secure user rights management.

Re-engineering planning and reporting with Jedox

Loomis Turkey chose Jedox as the preferred BI and CPM solution because it ideally matches the organization’s various business requirements such as reporting, planning and complex calculations in one single system. Jedox’s deep Excel integration and Excel-like user interface, mobile access and the fast in-memory database were further software features with which Jedox stood out from other vendors.

As a first step, Loomis Turkey and Jedox partner STS defined all reports and data sources that were needed to feed mission-critical reports. All upstream financial data was then retrieved from the ERP system, current financial reports were moved to the Jedox in-memory engine and critical operational data was added. Next, these reports were connected to various systems including logistic information, data on fuel oil, and much more.

With Jedox successfully rolled out across Loomis, all regional managers in Loomis’ branch offices are now able to closely monitor their financial and operational data. Moreover, they can access their actual-budget plan comparisons with the push of a button, as well as view and edit operational and financial plans and targets through Jedox for upcoming periods.

With the new Jedox solution, Loomis benefits from driver-based financial planning that allocates financial data into operational data. Overall profitability can now be monitored closely. This allows Loomis to perform very realistic comparisons between operation types, customers or branches in real-time and thereby supports decisionmaking.

Mobile and Web Access Across 39 Subsidiaries

Loomis has all their operational, financial and management reports, KPI reports and dashboards accessible online via Jedox Web with granular user rights management. Business users at 39 branch offices can work with the same data and reports in the Web or on their mobile devices, thanks to the unified Jedox Mobile app for iOS and Android. Regional managers have direct access to their reports with real-time data – and power users in Finance are empowered to manage their planning model with the respective data cubes and business logic self-sufficiently in Excel.

With Jedox, business users in all subsidiaries have timely and transparent access to their KPI and can react quickly to possible market changes. Checking the reports for real-time insights to support data-driven decision making has become a part of daily business processes that led to significantly increased operational effectiveness at Loomis.

“Thanks to Jedox, we can access and monitor the same transparent, up-to-the-minute reports and KPIs in a unified environment in Excel, Web and Mobile. Jedox enables us to operate more precisely and flexibly.” – Burak Şardağ, IT & MIS Manager, Loomis Güvenlik Hizmetleri A.S.


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