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A vital network

Health-care group Vivantes is a critical health-care services provider and the largest communal hospital group in Germany. Vivantes plays an important role in everyday life, with well over 200,000 patients annually. With almost 15,000 employees and annual revenue of over 1 billion EUR.

The challenge

Controlling had previously relied on SAP for group-wide reporting and monitoring patients from admission to discharge. Central reporting provided historical data, but Vivantes still needed a powerful planning system for KPIs to pinpoint risk early.

Planning for 400 different group divisions was done in Excel. Controlling sent out spreadsheets while operational planning would compile plan data and present the P&L statement to the supervisory board, then report in more detail based on board requirements. This was time-consuming and costly.

Time for a health-check

Vivantes needed a new planning solution to automatically populate, model, consolidate and report planning. Their goal was to unify and bring transparency to group-wide planning. Marion and her colleagues saw how the powerful and flexible Jedox could streamline their planning, and after reviewing the market, the Vivantes board chose Jedox.

“Fast query responses and the ability of processing huge data volumes were our key requirements. This is where Jedox excelled.“

Alongside high performance, Jedox‘s intuitive and consistent Excel-like interface was decisive because this made it easy to use, without burdening IT to manage a heavy and complex SQL database. This made deployment short and cost-effective. Jedox easily integrated with the existing IT environment and connected to Vivantes’ SAP system automatically.

Rapid results with a flexible design

The team aligned on requirements and expectations before the project started. Vivantes’ project team iteratively adjusted requirements in regular meetings. This was instantly fed back into the Jedox design to create a solution that precisely matched their needs. IT supported the implementation by maintaining hardware and securing SAP data transition.

Vitality, visibility and ownership

Jedox’s rapid agile implementation made Vivantes’ group-wide financial planning immediately easier. With reliable actuals, users now enter driver-based plans in Jedox easily and independently. They understand the methodology and own their numbers. Controlling now manages risk and workflow and immediately creates new versions and scenarios to test assumptions on the fly. Jedox web combines straightforward and structured workflow management with clear dialogs and intuitive menus.

Automated integration, easy admin

Jedox seamlessly integrates upstream data at Vivantes. Jedox automatically pulls models and hierarchies from operational sources, keeping data unified. And Jedox’s powerful data integration enables automatic load from any other external source.

Simple administration and fast response times mean power users have more time for core tasks. Jedox provides drill-down employee resource planning and P&Ls across the organization based on operational drivers, up to integrated Balance Sheet and Cash Flow for a unified enterprise view. Staff across Vivantes, including corporate controlling and planners in subsidiaries, use Jedox daily, with each securely accessing only their discrete part of the organization.

Scalable planning across divisions

Marion sees another advantage in the scalability because Jedox will grow with their needs:

“Before, modelling 400 planning divisions would overload the system. But with Jedox’s scalability we now easily model more than 900 group divisions.“

Jedox models a high volume of relevant KPIs in real-time, and automatically consolidates data sources, searching, comparing, and evaluating results for users in Excel, Office, web and mobile. After successfully delivering planning with Jedox, Vivantes now are expanding Jedox. Vivantes recently redesigned their entire strategic simulation process with Jedox, now providing a 360-degree view of the organization.



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