Jedox delivers self-service access to comparable and precise data to LAP Laser Applications

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LAP is a leader in laser solutions for projection and non-contact measurement. The company develops, manufactures, and sells laser measurement systems, point-and-line laser units, and laser projectors for the medical field and various industrial sectors. LAP produces quality “made in Germany” and serves customers around the globe from its sales offices in the USA, Singapore, and Shanghai.

Growing need for more transparency

Due to its strong international growth which began with its founding in 1984, LAP saw the need to implement a common enterprise performance management sytem. At the time, its planning and reporting were highly manual, time-consuming, and errorprone processes. Individual queries from its Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system were combined in Excel sheets and were difficult to trace back at a later time. The wish for more transparency and efficiency soon grew across the organization.

Easy implementation

In response, the company’s financial controller first implemented the basis version of Jedox completely on his own. The test phase was so successful that he upgraded to the premium version immediately thereafter. According to Michael Siedenburg, the implementation went very smoothly:

“We integrated all existing systems in the flexible Jedox platform rather quickly. The possibility to access every source system is just one of many advantages that Jedox offers.”

The controller contributes the fast deployment and implementation to the familiar, user-friendly Excel interface of Jedox:

“We did the implementation on our own without the support of external consultants. The Jedox support team with their very good ticketing system, fast responses, and immediate solutions quickly answered any questions we had.”

Uniform reporting and planning

LAP manages its global reporting and central planning processes in Jedox from its headquarters. The application includes cost center and revenue planning as well as on-demand reports for different time periods, companies, or products. Automatic overnight updates ensure that all users have central access to the same data. That is a great relief for both the controllers and IT. The users now can access the data they need anywhere and at any time instead of having to request individual reports.

“All data that we manage with Jedox is precise, current, and comparable. Our employees can get the information they need on their own without our assistance or the risk of manual errors.”

The previous routine of sending Excel reports back and forth with inconsistent data consolidated by hand is now obsolete.

Strong system environment

Since Jedox easily connects to data stored in other systems, there is no loss of existing knowledge. Michael Siedenburg added:

“We still use some legacy systems that easily integrate in Jedox. The intuitive handling of the Excel add-in also makes Jedox highly attractive for business users.”

This includes the integration of Microsoft Dynamics, the ERP system used at its Asian and North American subsidiaries. The interface with LucaNet (financial reports) and the possibility to read data directly from Microsoft SQL Server also simplify the process considerably. With its easy handling and integration, Jedox has been – and remains – the perfect choice for LAP.


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