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Siemens is a global company. Both directly, and through subsidiaries, Siemens employs over 340,000 people worldwide in widely diverse positions, from unskilled labor to technical project management. Siemens Recruitment Services plays a critical role in attracting, retaining, and growing Siemen’s talent in IT, logistics and manufacturing industries.

HR needed more agility

Siemens relies on HR specialists with extensive recruiting expertise to forge sustainable job solutions for over 12,000 annual applicants Europe-wide. To manage staff flow, the team gather, analyze and derive daily deployment plans from huge quantities of staff and combine this with customer and market data. Siemens had previously used a custom solution for staff deployment planning. Thomas Schmid, Head of Process Management, explains:

“Our previous solution wasn’t flexible enough to meet growing requirements. It required extensive programming for even the smallest system adjustments – an unbearable situation for an agile company.“

In response, Siemens developed a flexible xRM platform. The platform dealt with complex recruiting requirements with integrated staff management and contract awards.

Siemens selects Jedox with confidence and trust

The new xRM included basic reporting but failed to fully support reporting and advanced analytics. The Siemens sales manager demonstrated the limitations of the xRM platform within minutes, based on just one specific requirement. Siemens selected Jedox to complement the xRM system. Thomas Schmid explains:

”Monthly customer analysis had to be prepared painstakingly in Excel and cost the Sales Manager many hours. When [Jedox partner] Sellmore showed us that with Jedox, one click would suffice, we trusted their experience, and that trust paid off.“

Jedox further assured decision-makers with its self-service philosophy throughout the product. Being a unified platform empowers business users to adjust their own reports without burdening IT or relying on costly external consulting.

Rapid implementation and adoption

The outcomes-based project was driven by business users. The flexible platform made an agile implementation easy. This meant the team quickly iterated towards their goal and Siemens delivered results without long technical specifications. Thomas Schmid supported the resource-saving project with minimal consultancy. The intuitive, Excel-like web interface, combined with familiar commands, dialogs, and shortcuts made using Jedox easy.

”Other BI solutions seem intuitive at first glance, but turn out to be black boxes when it comes to smaller adjustments. With Jedox, we are always in the driver’s seat and act independently,“

Instant integration saves hours

Along with essential HR deployment planning, Siemens now use Jedox for monthly sales and revenue analysis, empowering every employee in the organization to collaborate with financial insight. They can analyze customer cohorts by sales volume and gross revenue and analyze based on a four-field matrix. Jedox seamlessly combines customer data from the CRM with personnel sales and costs from SAP into daily operations reporting. This provides secure profitability analysis anytime, anywhere. Thomas Schmid explains:

“Previously, evaluations were exported from the CRM system to an Excel table that would already provide invalid information the following day. With Jedox, we load the approved controlling data into Jedox and always have a secure view of our data.“

High impact presentations impress management

For insight, Siemens uses Jedox SUCCESS charts, which apply award-wining and best-practice visualization methodology to make complex data clear and intuitive. Seamless MS Office integration means Siemens use Jedox interactively in presentations.

”Microsoft Office works seamlessly with Jedox, which especially pleases management.“

The solution was originally intended for sales managers. The success of the initial project meant Siemens quickly rolled Jedox out across the entire department, and to other departments. Because Jedox is easy to use, there was no need for extensive training. And as administrator, Thomas Schmid has full control to add and extend Jedox for new reporting and analysis without external consulting.


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