Serving the Swiss market for over forty years

The first McDonald’s restaurant in Switzerland opened its doors in Geneva back in 1976 with just 8 different products and 25 employees. Today, McDonald’s Switzerland serves “good food, fast” to 275,000 visitors daily in 165 restaurants including 43 franchises nationwide.

More accurate, agile planning

Good planning is a key ingredient for success – especially in the fast-paced, fast-food business. As its requirements continued to grow, however, the company’s planning system based on Microsoft Excel couldn’t keep up with the pace. Creating a budget based on past sales soon required frequent trips to the IT department. Calculating biannual wage and salary increases for all 7,200 employees became too complex for spreadsheets alone. That’s when McDonald’s decided to replace the aging system with a more agile solution.

McDonald’s approached Linalis, a Swiss BI consultancy and service company, for help in finding a solution. The goal was to develop an easy-to-use, time-saving budgeting tool that could easily exchange information with the company’s existing business systems. Jedox fulfilled all of these requirements.

Strong start-up support and services

Linalis implemented and integrated a custom tool for McDonald’s within just 3 months. In addition to providing on-going support and maintenance services, the Jedox partner offers assistance in tweaking and extending the solution to the company’s special needs. Through its effective user and administrator training, the team at McDonald’s can now manage the tool and continually optimize the process on their own.

Automated, time-saving steps

Thanks to Jedox, integrating data from McDonald’s accounting system in the budgeting process is no longer an issue. The latest sales numbers automatically flow in the software, which updates the budget accordingly. Management accountants can now connect to their internal system to access timesheets, operational systems and metrics all within Jedox. They can flexibly manage the planning process and modify custom reports, ranging from cost and resource usage to sales and performance, without needing support from IT or external experts. This saves valuable time at each step of the process.

Better insights across all sales points

Jedox has simplified planning and budgeting across all McDonald’s restaurants in Switzerland. Using this solid base of information, the company can now effectively monitor and manage performance across all Swiss sales points.

“Jedox simplifies reporting and helps us manage the performance of multiple sales points in much less time.” – Thomas Mossimann, Finance Manager, McDonald’s Switzerland Management & Services Sàrl


  • 100 users


  • Optimized controls and budgets by restaurant
  • Accurate monthly reports per restaurant
  • Faster budgeting processes
  • User-friendly, custom reporting

Why Jedox?

  • Flexible, tailor-made solution
  • Quick and agile implementation
  • Less dependence on IT and external service providers
  • Easy-to-use, time-saving software
  • Rich reporting flexibility