Predicting the 2016 Super Bowl with Jedox Data Visualization

  • predictive super bowl analytics with jedox data viz

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching! Let’s have a look at our Jedox NFL Dashboard (last update was December 2015). The database was a .csv File with every NFL Game Stats (Regular Season) from @darenw (NFLSavant).

Lets see the dashboard for the Super Bowl Game this weekend:


General Stats about Yards, Touchdowns, Rushes, Passes, Incomplete Passes, Sacks, Interceptions and Fumbles:

Carolina got 77 Yards more over all games this season than Denver. Carolina has more Touchdowns (+23), more Rushes (+98), less Incomplete Passes (-22), less Sacks (-6) and less Interceptions (-11). Denver only achieved more Passing Attempts (+108).

Rushing Stats:

Carolina takes more rushing attempts and is more efficient with +0,4 Yards per attempt. Carolina’s prefered Rush Direction is Center (136) or Right End (70) but they are dominating Denver in Left Guard (+14), Left End (+13) and Right Guard (+6) too. Only Left tackle (+11) and Right Tackle (+24), Denver got more attempts than Carolina.

Passing Stats:

Carolina is more efficient in passing attempts (+0,7 Yards) and has more Deep Left passes (+6). Denver dominates the other Pass Types. Both prefer short left or short right passes. Denver got nearly twice as many passes than Carolina through short middle (+62).

Enjoy Super Bowl 50!

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