This guide by Jedox partner Dastech Solutions shows you how to restore a Jedox report from the backup installation folder. The scenario: You forgot to back up the .pb file from the report manager, but you managed to backup the entire installation folder.

1. Stop all Jedox Services

2. Copy the report folder from the back up directory to the current configuration directory “../Jedox Suite/Storage”:

Blog_Restore Jedox Report_1

3. Copy the corresponding database from the OLAP database directory “../Jedox Suite/olap/data” :

Blog_Restore Jedox Report_2

4. Start Jedox Services

Note: In case the folder of the backup reporting folder does already exist in the new installation path, please proceed as follows (see screenshot below):

Blog_Restore Jedox Report_3

Next, you copy the backup folder to the new installation path and rename it accordingly:

In this example from the backup folder, “fgrp10001” already exists in the new installation path. Rename it to “fgrp10005 “:

Blog_Restore Jedox Report_4

Follow the same steps in the OLAP “C:\Program Files (x86)\Jedox\Jedox Suite\olap\data”:

Blog_Restore Jedox Report_5

Inside this folder you should look for the cube/s in which line/s the OLD folder group name is contained and replace it with the new folder group name:

Sample old cube which has old folder group:

Blog_Restore Jedox Report_6

New script in the new folder group:

Blog_Restore Jedox Report_7