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Nölle + Nordhorn is a leading technical wholesaler with state-of-the-art technologies for pneumatics, hydraulics, drive technology, standard tool manufacturing, industrial technology, and upkeep. Its offerings, which range from a vast product portfolio to small batch production, product installation, and maintenance, go above and beyond those of a typical wholesale company.

Revenue breakdowns by division

Nölle + Nordhorn needed deeper insights on the breakdown of revenues for its wholesale, project, and manufacturing divisions. The standard analyses from its SAP system did not deliver the necessary detail and building them in Excel was too complex and time-consuming.

After screening the market, the finance team decided to extend its SAP system with a complementary BI solution from Jedox. The possibility to manage the entire reporting process within the finance department was the main reason for choosing the software.

Fast deployment with Jedox Model for SAP

iXLOG, a Jedox partner and SAP specialist, supported the implementation of Jedox as part of an SAP relaunch. The project team quickly built a detailed reporting system based on the Jedox Model “SAP – BI Ready to Run SW” developed by iXLOG. The BI solution was first built on the legacy system. Following the migration, the new SAP version was simply added as a second data source.

Secure access to powerful analytics

An important goal of the project was to provide various report consumers easy access to individual KPIs outside of the SAP system. The project team began with an implementation on premises including web access and mobile BI for management and field sales. The system was migrated to the cloud in the second stage.

The SAP system at Nölle + Nordhorn runs completely separate from the reporting tool, which users access through the web based on a central permissions management. This system architecture ensures highly secure access to the enterprise ERP system and fast data analysis in a powerful BI solution without straining the productive system.

“We are well prepared for further growth, increasing data volumes, and new business challenges because Jedox Cloud scales to our exact needs.” – Bernd Eckert, Director Finance, Nölle + Nordhorn

Detailed views of current and historical data

A well-structured dashboard gives managers up-to-date views each day on the business development of the different divisions with analyses on revenues, gross margin, incoming orders, special offers, materials, and procurement. Field sales representatives can access and flexibly analyze their own data segments as an optimal preparation for client visits.

Finance can generate PDF reports with a click of a button to support various target groups with tailored information to aid decision-making. The Jedox system also provides access to aggregated, historical data that was not migrated to the new SAP system – even after the legacy system was shut down. The high-quality report content has made sales meetings more effective as well since all participants have consistent numbers from a single data source.

Better utilization of staff resources

Since system maintenance is outsourced in a cloud deployment, Nölle and Nordhorn have been able to optimize the utilization of their internal personnel resources. The finance team can now concentrate on its own work instead of repetitive IT tasks. The cloud solution also scales easily to meet growing data volumes or other requirements.