6 02, 2018

3 Ways to Ensure Your Financial Reports are Read

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Financial reporting can be perceived by many business managers as dull and too detailed. However, it’s important that your reports are read by those in your organisation who need to be privy to the data contained within them. Here are three top tips to ensure that your financial reports actually get read [...]

12 10, 2015

Dashboards with merged data sources (e.g. SAP) in a salesforce.com environment

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After visiting the Salesforce World Tour in Munich last week, I would like to share my thoughts with you. Salesforce is a great company, they produce great technology and the most state-of-the-art CRM system I have ever seen. Using Salesforce internally is fun and makes sense. Yet there is always a "but"... You can not access all your historical data (e.g. activities) It

2 11, 2014

Dynamic Reporting, List Box Filtration for Dashboard – Point and Click

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Hi, In this post, I would like to highlight one of the most favored feature of the BI universe is click filtering of dashboards, most commonly popularized by Qlikview systems which allow users to play with dashboards interactively by the user selections impacting the global dashboard filters. I was wondering if it was achievable to some extent by Jedox as

24 10, 2014

Managing Web Reporting – Part 2

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After being out in the wild for over 12 months, the Performance Dashboard has been one of the most popular posts on our blog. As it was originally written for in Jedox 5.0, we have updating it to reflect the latest functionality in 5.1 SR2. New Features Hits chart now using a Stock type chart, that allows zooming in to specific days

28 06, 2014

WC 2014 – 8 Bit Preview Knock Out Stage

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Preview Dashboard for Knock Out Stage Stats for Goals, Shots on Goal, Passes, Completion Rate, Ball Possession, Tacklings Won and Average Grade from kicker.de. 8-Bit Semi Finals Other World Cup Reports: Games Preview (DE) Group Preview (DE) Games Review (EN) Group Stage Recap (EN) clickable Link Please Support this Project: Pixel Soccer Have Fun with the World Cup 2014.

28 06, 2014

WC 2014 – World Cup Group Stage Recap – Dynamic Dashboard

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Recap of Group Stage at the World Cup 2014 Now we have a new Way to present our Dashboards. Please find attached a Link to the Jedox report in which you analyze the Group Stage Statistics for each Team. Different Filter for the Countries - only Groups, Special Federation or the eliminated/Advanced to Last 16 Teams You can create a

19 06, 2014

WC2014 World Cup Games Recap

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Recap of the played Games at the World Cup 2014 Group Stage is over, but which Team performed well and which Teams are the Flops for now. In this Dashboard every single Game is visualized with Statistics for Goals, Shots on Target, passes completed, ball possession and tackling percentage. Additionaly the average Grade from "kicker.de" and the FIFA Player of