3 12, 2015

Applying user rights in Jedox (1): System-based security

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When designing a BI or CPM solution with Jedox we often deal with a wide variety of users with different roles and responsibilities in their business domain. The security structure should therefore mirror these roles and responsibilities in order to restrict the users, if necessary, in their accessibility of data and capability of data entry. In order to realize a

5 06, 2014


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The Relational vs. Non-Relational Database Debate Over the past couple years, I’ve heard the SQL vs. NoSQL argument numerous times.  Is the argument even valid?  Regardless of your opinion, the term SQL is often used loosely. Technically speaking, SQL is a query language used against relational databases. There are other ways to access and query information from relational databases, thus,

5 05, 2014

Business Intelligence, Unpacked

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Demystifying the world of technology and decision making Since individuals have varying job functions and unique professional experiences, their definitions of business intelligence will vary. This is a not bad thing – in fact, I’m suggesting that understanding the alternative perspectives can only make your personal definition of BI stronger. My goal (and a lofty one at that) is to

25 04, 2014

Advantages Of An In-Memory Database

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For users of large (big) databases, having all your data on a slow spinning hard disk can make it difficult to do analysis in a timely manner. Your sales numbers, inventory, customer information and other performance data can be better accessed and analyzed when it is stored on special high-speed memory chips, or an In-Memory Database. Ashlee Vance of Bloomberg

15 11, 2013

Introduction to Security in Jedox

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Jedox has a robust security model. You can allocate permissions down to cell level if required. All of its security objects are held within cubes and dimensions so it is pretty straightforward to set up and apply security. Its user security is group and role based, which means that users are members of groups and groups have certain characteristics defined