9 11, 2015

Jedox 6 – Qlik Integration via *.qvx in Qlik Sense

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This blog entry shows the Jedox integration for QlikView or QlikSense by Video and Screenshots. With Version 6.0 we have the possibility to load data in a typical Qlik Format to integrate for example Budget data in your QlikSense Reports (*.qvx Files). How does it work: Adhoc Analyzer in Jedox Web with Budget and Actual Data

29 09, 2015

Jedox streamlining operational processes and data analysis at UMC Utrecht Trauma Center

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The University Medical Centre in Utrecht is a highly regarded hospital and medical research facility in the center of The Netherlands. Due to their central location and their specialized staff, the hospital is also one of the busiest trauma centers in the country. On an annual basis, thousands of trauma patients are admitted through the emergency department for often multi-disciplinary

15 04, 2015

TableLoop Transform in Jedox Integrator

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One of my favorite components in Jedox Integrator is the TableLoop, with a very easy configuration you can do pretty cool stuff with it. I ran in an example that I will like to describe in this article. If you don’t have a good background in Jedox Integrator, you may need to download the complete example with the link given

18 10, 2014

Cube Sync Real Time

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Hi, Recently coming across this issue, and problems relating to it. I took upon a following approach which I would like to share across, helping a wider community and get reviews on the same: Problem: Many times designing the cubes there are situations in which the cube may not have all the dimensions required for the reporting purposes reason’s being, the planning users want

26 06, 2014

Send an email using JavaMail in a Groovy script

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Sending and checking emails has long been a part of our everyday lives. Then why not use such a simple practice to effectively communicate business information? Jedox already gives us an example of such functionality. The Budget Data Entry web report (Bikers Best) offers the possibility of sending a customized email when budget data is submitted and revised. This functionality