26 02, 2016

Service Release – What’s New in Jedox 6.0 SR2?

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The Jedox development team has introduced the second service release of the latest Jedox version 6.0. The release SR2 comprises new features, tweaks and bug fixes, providing Jedox users with improved system stability and performance. Numerous optimizations within the Jedox Excel add-in and MS Office integration further enhance the usability and help making planning, data analysis and reporting with Jedox

19 10, 2015

Special spreadsheet functions for Jedox Web Reports

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Besides Spreadsheet functions that are known from and work similar to Microsoft Excel, Jedox Web adds a set of unique helper functions that may come in handy when designing Jedox applications. Some of these, such as HIDEROW() / HIDECOLUMN(), or CURRENTUSER(), are probably pretty well-known. A couple of others are maybe not as prominent, but still can be quite useful

12 10, 2015

Dashboards with merged data sources (e.g. SAP) in a salesforce.com environment

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After visiting the Salesforce World Tour in Munich last week, I would like to share my thoughts with you. Salesforce is a great company, they produce great technology and the most state-of-the-art CRM system I have ever seen. Using Salesforce internally is fun and makes sense. Yet there is always a "but"... You can not access all your historical data (e.g. activities) It

18 09, 2015

Jedox web – Adjusting data with buttons

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The usage of buttons within Jedox web can be helpful in order to make a ‘standard’ for adjusting your (meta-)data. This blog provides insight in how to successfully add elements, write data into cubes, adjust elements and delete elements. The example that is used in this blog relates to companies that enter their customers, projects, project-lines, etc. in their database.

9 01, 2014

Application structure in Jedox Web: how to use application bundles

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In previous posts, I described that in order to make efficient use of hardware resources of the Server where Jedox Web is installed, you should attempt to limit both worksheet and workbook sizes. An application in Jedox Web will then most likely be comprised of several workbooks, potentially spread across various folders or even file groups. This may at first