18 11, 2014

Screenshot on Web via Javascript and saving back to Server !!!

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"Screenshot's" associated with the windows keyboard "Print Screen" function key, have been and still being utilized heavily to report error's occurring on the client side with the application. And clients not sending/capturing the screen state at the time of errors lead to difficulty reproducing the issue within the development arena in order to resolve the same. Thus to simplify a

2 11, 2014

Real Time Dashboards

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Hi In another addition to my series of blog’s, here I would like to present you the real-time dashboard in which the interval frequency can be decided by you and obtain the following output. Here I am using a custom widget to set a JavaScript poll to my custom defined macro to re-fresh the work book. Though I myself has created

28 10, 2014

Schedule Up !!! Calender in Jedox !!!

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Hi, In one of the another exciting tweaks about Jedox for better scheduling of our resources, I like to present an outlook style calender format from our time management system. Simple Calender View: Calender with Dialog Box: Coloured highlights of the scheduled resources: The benefits of this UI  layed out are as follows: 1. Easy and clean view of scheduled resources 2.

21 10, 2014

Grid is not enough !!! Javascript Grids for your reports …

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Hi, Working with Jedox and saying Grid is not enough is little sarcastic… There cells all over the places !!! Well I thought to bring out this topic for a simple reason that though in the product such as Jedox there are enough grid to keep one busy, but by the nature of them they are still little limited to