15 04, 2015

TableLoop Transform in Jedox Integrator

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One of my favorite components in Jedox Integrator is the TableLoop, with a very easy configuration you can do pretty cool stuff with it. I ran in an example that I will like to describe in this article. If you don’t have a good background in Jedox Integrator, you may need to download the complete example with the link given

7 07, 2014

Jedox 5.1 – A Consultants Perspective : Part 4 – Wrap up

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  A final note on some small(ish), cool features in Jedox 5.1. The new write back functionality allows you to directly write back to a cube via controls such as drop lists, hyperlinks and macros. If the target cell is a palo.data, Jedox will try to write the passed value into the intersection in the cube. Check out some examples

6 05, 2014

Jedox 5.1 – a Consultant’s Perspective : Part 1

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So after a long wait, and a partner Preview since December 2013, Jedox 5.1 is finally out. Great! There has been a fair bit of noise in the last few weeks about this release. On the surface, 5.1 has some cool new features (re-skinned ETL, R Integration, Data Driven OLAP, etc), but peeking under the covers, there has certainly been