27 04, 2015

GenericDB connector in Jedox Integrator (usecase: Firebird relational database)

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Jedox Integrator offers a lot of connections to different systems, but what if we have a database and it is not offered in the list of connections. Jedox Integrator offers the ‘GenericDB’ connection, with this connection we can connect to any source if they offer a JDBC driver. JDBC driver (short form of Java Database Connectivity) , is defined as

15 04, 2015

TableLoop Transform in Jedox Integrator

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One of my favorite components in Jedox Integrator is the TableLoop, with a very easy configuration you can do pretty cool stuff with it. I ran in an example that I will like to describe in this article. If you don’t have a good background in Jedox Integrator, you may need to download the complete example with the link given

2 03, 2015

ETL from Excel

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Month ends are like haircuts. Towards the end of the process, there are a lot of little snips and clips. Enter month-end adjusting journal into ERP, run Jedox Integrator, rinse, repeat. The adjustments can go on for a long time, so an easy way to process them is critical. Having a custom Jedox web page to run jobs helps, but

16 01, 2014

Combining filter criteria for multiple selections in cube extracts

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Our good friend, world champion sailor and Jedox expert Sebastian Moser has offered up a cool post around getting a little more sophisticated with cube extracts in ETL: Sometimes, you might want to Export data from a Jedox database to a DWH or other systems. Occasionally, you don’t quite get the correct result from ETL cube extract with provided filter