28 06, 2016

Service Release – What’s New in Jedox 6.0 SR3?

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The Jedox development team has introduced the third service release of the latest Jedox version 6.0. The release SR3 comprises new features, tweaks and bug fixes, providing Jedox users with improved system stability and performance. Numerous optimizations, e.g. the asynchronous backup API or new connectivity to Tableau, further enhance the usability and help making planning, data analysis and reporting with Jedox even

27 04, 2015

GenericDB connector in Jedox Integrator (usecase: Firebird relational database)

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Jedox Integrator offers a lot of connections to different systems, but what if we have a database and it is not offered in the list of connections. Jedox Integrator offers the ‘GenericDB’ connection, with this connection we can connect to any source if they offer a JDBC driver. JDBC driver (short form of Java Database Connectivity) , is defined as

15 04, 2015

TableLoop Transform in Jedox Integrator

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One of my favorite components in Jedox Integrator is the TableLoop, with a very easy configuration you can do pretty cool stuff with it. I ran in an example that I will like to describe in this article. If you don’t have a good background in Jedox Integrator, you may need to download the complete example with the link given