3 08, 2017

Flexible solutions for a soaring aviation service specialist

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Dynamic planning and reporting for a high-flying company AviationPower provides a wide range of aeronautic services. The company based in Hamburg, Germany, was founded in 2004 as a joint venture of Lufthansa Technical Training and Manpower Germany. Today, the service provider with international cooperation partners employs 1,800 specialists from all areas of the aviation industry from its sites in Berlin,

3 01, 2017

Structuring Table and Graph Data in Jedox Web

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When building reports in Jedox, we’re referencing to data and metadata stored in the Jedox OLAP database. In order to get the desired data in your report, either tabular or graphical, we have to define the server/database, the cube and the coordinates. In order to make your report understandable for customers or fellow designers you need to structure your data

19 10, 2015

Special spreadsheet functions for Jedox Web Reports

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Besides Spreadsheet functions that are known from and work similar to Microsoft Excel, Jedox Web adds a set of unique helper functions that may come in handy when designing Jedox applications. Some of these, such as HIDEROW() / HIDECOLUMN(), or CURRENTUSER(), are probably pretty well-known. A couple of others are maybe not as prominent, but still can be quite useful

24 10, 2014

Managing Web Reporting – Part 2

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After being out in the wild for over 12 months, the Performance Dashboard has been one of the most popular posts on our blog. As it was originally written for in Jedox 5.0, we have updating it to reflect the latest functionality in 5.1 SR2. New Features Hits chart now using a Stock type chart, that allows zooming in to specific days

19 05, 2014

Jedox 5.1 – a Consultant’s Perspective : Part 2 – Security

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  Jedox 5.1 – a Consultant’s Perspective : Part 2 – Security Security is critical in any Jedox implementation. Efficient ‘lock down’ of your models are just as important to an organisation as the data they contain. There has been a need for an additional layer of security in Jedox’s database architecture for a while now. Pre-5.1 , you

25 02, 2014

Realising Postal Code Shapes in Google Maps in Jedox Web

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Hi, hope you enjoy my first post. I am a Senior Consultant at Managility specialising in the ETL, report development and custom visualisations. I faced an interesting challenge recently at a Managility client who was looking to visualise sales employee performance within a specific Australian postal code area. A quick and free option is using Google Map techniques integrated in

24 01, 2014

The Power of Widgets

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Jedox Widgets One of my favourite features in Jedox Web are widgets. Widgets are an option to integrate Third party web services and functionality easily in your report. The start is very easy: Just Create a new workbook and choose Tools>Widgets>Custom Widget: Now you can either point to a URL or copy and paste the Widget code into the Widget