11 11, 2014

Option Pricing and Greeks – Jedox

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Hi, In this post, I would like to present you the “Option Pricing n Greeks” in Jedox. Well continuing on my previous post, I would like to highlight the potential of Jedox in terms of number crunching capacity, where I have designed the macro for option pricing most commonly used in any front desk team of an investment bank. For

11 11, 2014

Foreign exchange data, Download into your Jedox Model

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Hi, In this post I would like to share,  a technique which has been well rewarded to me in the past, is the extraction of foreign exchange rates from web into my financial models on demand. Now some information in the world is never static (FX being one of them and the fastest moving information), and some times its not very

9 11, 2014

Simulation Strategy: Jedox

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Hi, Today in this post, I would like to share an simulation strategy using Jedox spreadsheets, where business users can design models via formulas and upon which simulations can run, building upon the case list for statistical insight. Background: Many times in real-world scenario, the clients of any business have a profile (meaning they have their choices, preferences, and a business can

22 10, 2014

Dot Net functions for Jedox

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Hi, With my another addition to the series of blog’s, this time I am trying to leverage the .NET potential with Jedox. In this post I will be writing a custom .NET dll, and utilizing it in the Jedox Macro. Solution: Step 1: Create a “Class Library”  C# project in your Visual Studio, remember to switch to the .NET version to

21 10, 2014

Grid is not enough !!! Javascript Grids for your reports …

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Hi, Working with Jedox and saying Grid is not enough is little sarcastic… There cells all over the places !!! Well I thought to bring out this topic for a simple reason that though in the product such as Jedox there are enough grid to keep one busy, but by the nature of them they are still little limited to

15 10, 2014

Sum over subset… Jedox !!!

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Hi, A seemingly trivial looking task took me all over the board recently to figure out a solution for the business where users didn’t wanted to create consolidated nodes in the dimensions to get the aggregations, instead they wanted to get the aggregated results via subset which where filtered based upon the attributes flags, phew !!! Ne ways I thought this should