2 03, 2015

ETL from Excel

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Month ends are like haircuts. Towards the end of the process, there are a lot of little snips and clips. Enter month-end adjusting journal into ERP, run Jedox Integrator, rinse, repeat. The adjustments can go on for a long time, so an easy way to process them is critical. Having a custom Jedox web page to run jobs helps, but

28 03, 2014

Macros : Manipulating Worksheets

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hmmm….. not that type of macro… In macros, the Worksheets object allows you to manipulate individual worksheets inside a workbook. This can be advantageous when you are doing things like running a macro to prepare a management briefing book which might be spun out via a customised batch printing process to Excel. You can take existing sheets and add new,

19 11, 2013

Macros: Variables

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Jedox Web variables are session based, in-memory objects which allow users to transfer values between and around reports. Variables allow you to do things like: Set a default value on a report Transfer selected filter values from one report to another Pass user selected parameters to a relational Dynarange Setting a Variable value 3 Ways 1. Directly on the spreadsheet.

15 11, 2013

Macros: Named Ranges

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OK. So you know have got the hang of writing a bit of php code and you can now refer and transfer data around your spreadsheet with ease. However, there is a problem here. The issue with referring to cells in Jedox Web is the same issue you get with referring to cells on a spreadsheet – a cell reference

15 11, 2013

Macros: Cell References

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The Jedox Macro Engine implements PHP to interact with the Jedox Spreadsheet. One of the most used and basic functions is referring to a cell reference in the PHP code.  You can put data into a cell on the spreadsheet, or you can read from that cell. Download the example spreadsheet here Reading Cells [crayon-5c6fb3d8140a1043232599/] Writing Cells [crayon-5c6fb3d8140a7927882148/] Note, the

15 11, 2013

Macros: An Introduction

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The Jedox Web Macro Engine is one powerful beast. It is based on PHP Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP5) and it enables power users and Jedox BI developers to write PHP code which is executed within Jedox Web?s Core run-time. What this basically means is it gives you the power of something like VBA on the web. It allows you to script