30 03, 2017

Healing Planning and Reporting Ails – Jedox optimizes customer and internal processes at COMRAMO

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COMRAMO plans, implements and develops individual finance, IT and management systems for hospitals, nursing homes and other social or church-affiliated institutions. The midsize IT service provider based in Hanover, Germany, has helped client respond to growing competition from the private sector and utilize resources more efficiently for over 40 years. Growing complexity and competition COMRAMO’s clients often have complex organizational

19 06, 2015

Reinventing retail performance – part 2

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Essential new ways to unify your people, data, and process for unfair advantage Value drivers literally measure the activities that create value. Value drivers help you reinforce strategy. They are more intuitive and meaningful than traditional financial measures. Lagging indicators like GM ROI (Gross Margin, Return on Investment), current value, and tangible assets are conventional performance management indicators. These describe

11 06, 2015

Reinventing retail performance – part 1

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Essential new ways to unify your people, data, and process for unfair advantage Data is at the heart of new retail. Consumers are walking, tweeting, data distributors. The online channel is no longer separate. In a world where shoppers are online, all the time, the retailer must provide a unified experience across every consumer interaction. Analytics and channel optimization is

28 05, 2015

Unifying cloud Planning and Analytics – CEO insights on BI in 2015

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How to unify visual analytics with planning is a growing question in business intelligence. I find out in this CEO interview with on how Jedox are solving this and bringing innovation in the cloud. Former Microsoft exec Kay-Ingo Greve came on board as Jedox CEO early 2015. I discover how they are focussing on professionalization and solutions to sustain alignment

9 11, 2014

Document Management System, bring it along Jedox !!!

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Hi, In another series of my post, today, I would like to introduce you to the power of document management system and how it can greatly simplify the office workflow processes and document management in any enterprise. And to add, how it can be easily integrated in your Jedox portal to add-on the power to your Jedox usage experience. Q- So what is