19 10, 2017

Jedox Earns Top Ratings in BARC BI Survey 17: No. 1 in Product Satisfaction in the Integrated Performance Management Peer Group

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Jedox Rated #1 in Product and Performance Satisfaction, Project Length and Voted as a Leader in 9 Other KPIs for integrated performance management products in World’s Largest Survey of BI End-Users [...]

26 07, 2017

How You Can Test Drive The Jedox GPU Accelerator in the Cloud – With Your Data

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With Jedox, there’s no need for specialized hardware to make use of GPU-powered processes: Test-drive the Jedox GPU Accelerator in the cloud. Microsoft Azure provides GPU power in a secure, easy-to-access cloud infrastructure environment where you can see how GPU technology facilitates agile decision-making. [...]

19 08, 2016

The Need For Speed (Pt. 7)

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If there’s anything that Google has done in the behavioral realm, it may be establishing the expectation of lightning-fast responses to any question one has in mind. Google and other high-speed engines have made instantaneous response a part of contemporary life, a fact that also applies to business. [...]

21 07, 2015

MBG: Quenching the beverage industry’s thirst for data

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Brands for everybody MBG International is a leading manufacturer and global partner of the food and beverages industry. With an annual turnover of almost USD $300 million, MBG’s brands are found in over 50 countries. Approximately 200 employees provide for over 50 key-account centers such as duty free, hotels, and clubs, 3,000 beverage wholesalers, and 12,000 gas stations, plus over

11 06, 2015

Reinventing retail performance – part 1

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Essential new ways to unify your people, data, and process for unfair advantage Data is at the heart of new retail. Consumers are walking, tweeting, data distributors. The online channel is no longer separate. In a world where shoppers are online, all the time, the retailer must provide a unified experience across every consumer interaction. Analytics and channel optimization is

25 11, 2013

Application structure in Jedox Web: memory usage

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I previously described that it is recommended to not put too much data into a single worksheet, in order to make efficient use of the Jedox Web server's CPU resources and limit the scrolling necessities for the end user. Workbook size and memory usage So, a possible conclusion would be to just separate all the data from one sheet into

22 11, 2013

Application structure in Jedox Web: resource usage

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You probably know it from working in Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheet files that contain 20, 30, or more worksheets, with thousands of rows of data. In Excel, this works (mostly) fine, as Excel was designed as a single-user desktop application, meaning that one user has all hardware resources of the given PC available. This way of designing spreadsheets also is so