18 11, 2014

Screenshot on Web via Javascript and saving back to Server !!!

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"Screenshot's" associated with the windows keyboard "Print Screen" function key, have been and still being utilized heavily to report error's occurring on the client side with the application. And clients not sending/capturing the screen state at the time of errors lead to difficulty reproducing the issue within the development arena in order to resolve the same. Thus to simplify a

11 11, 2014

Brownian/Weiner Process – Simulated Stock Prices

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Hi, This post is especially geared for the investment banking domain, but all are welcome on-board always :) Embarking on this topic is more mathematically challenging as the crux of this topic is more geared to wards advance maths. But putting that aside for a while in this post I am trying to achieve which is an eye candy for

11 11, 2014

Foreign exchange data, Download into your Jedox Model

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Hi, In this post I would like to share,  a technique which has been well rewarded to me in the past, is the extraction of foreign exchange rates from web into my financial models on demand. Now some information in the world is never static (FX being one of them and the fastest moving information), and some times its not very

9 11, 2014

Simulation Strategy: Jedox

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Hi, Today in this post, I would like to share an simulation strategy using Jedox spreadsheets, where business users can design models via formulas and upon which simulations can run, building upon the case list for statistical insight. Background: Many times in real-world scenario, the clients of any business have a profile (meaning they have their choices, preferences, and a business can

4 11, 2014

Jedox Analyzer Report Or Pivot Table … Jazz it up !!!

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Hi, In this article I would like to draw your attention towards the back burner feature of Jedox called as “Analyzer Report”, Its one of the interesting and powerful features of Jedox which seems to me under utilized. Reason’s being users are more fixated towards the standard/fixed reports which resolves their work issues and move on, or there’s no interest in the data

2 11, 2014

Real Time Dashboards

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Hi In another addition to my series of blog’s, here I would like to present you the real-time dashboard in which the interval frequency can be decided by you and obtain the following output. Here I am using a custom widget to set a JavaScript poll to my custom defined macro to re-fresh the work book. Though I myself has created

2 11, 2014

Dynamic Reporting, List Box Filtration for Dashboard – Point and Click

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Hi, In this post, I would like to highlight one of the most favored feature of the BI universe is click filtering of dashboards, most commonly popularized by Qlikview systems which allow users to play with dashboards interactively by the user selections impacting the global dashboard filters. I was wondering if it was achievable to some extent by Jedox as