8 08, 2017

Bindinc. redesigns planning structures in finance & controlling

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Jedox optimizes processes at publishing company within three months Innovation on all channels The Dutch publishing company Bindinc. reaches out, fascinates and bonds – with quality publishing concepts, program information on size, a huge audience of over 2.5 million subscribers, dozens of titles and unique knowledge about their customer base. The company works throughout all channels: analog, digital, via print,

3 08, 2017

Flexible solutions for a soaring aviation service specialist

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Dynamic planning and reporting for a high-flying company AviationPower provides a wide range of aeronautic services. The company based in Hamburg, Germany, was founded in 2004 as a joint venture of Lufthansa Technical Training and Manpower Germany. Today, the service provider with international cooperation partners employs 1,800 specialists from all areas of the aviation industry from its sites in Berlin,

28 06, 2017

Brangs + Heinrich Implements Company-wide Planning, Forecasting, and Reporting Solution with Jedox

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Brangs + Heinrich is a leading provider of industrial packaging with over 5000 clients worldwide. Jedox has allowed the company to significantly speed up its reporting and forecasting processes in sales and finance for 11 locations across 3 countries. In addition to reliable liquidity forecasts for short-term financing and automated integration of third-party systems and manufacturing data, Jedox provides quick user-friendly analysis of productivity from any company office. [...]

2 05, 2017

Effective Planning in Financial Services: Standard Life Optimize Corporate Budgeting with Jedox

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Standard Life wanted to streamline budget planning and reporting by introducing a unified planning process. While they had an existing data warehouse with web-reporting they had no planning functionality. After closely reviewing the market, Standard Life selected Jedox. Jedox’s tight Excel integration made it easy to use, and the writeback, in-memory rules and real-time consolidation met Standard Life’s planning goals perfectly.

10 04, 2017

Fast food for thought: McDonald’s simplifies planning in Switzerland with Jedox

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McDonald’s in Switzerland has simplified its enterprise planning with a custom solution based on Jedox. The solution, which was developed by the Swiss BI consultancy Linalis, helps steer performance across all sales points nationwide.

3 04, 2017

The Perfect Combination: Jedox Planning and Qlik Reporting for Gruner

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Renowned construction engineering and planning group Gruner has enhanced the possibilities of its Qlik reporting with a planning solution based on Jedox. The seamless connection between Jedox and Qlik offers Gruner the ideal solution for a consistent reporting infrastructure, complete with self-service reporting, instant analysis, data visualization, and agile, de-centralized planning processes. Planning with Jedox is so fast, efficient, and reliable that the company has switched from quarterly to monthly planning [...]

30 03, 2017

Healing Planning and Reporting Ails – Jedox optimizes customer and internal processes at COMRAMO

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COMRAMO plans, implements and develops individual finance, IT and management systems for hospitals, nursing homes and other social or church-affiliated institutions. The midsize IT service provider based in Hanover, Germany, has helped client respond to growing competition from the private sector and utilize resources more efficiently for over 40 years. Growing complexity and competition COMRAMO’s clients often have complex organizational