3 01, 2017

Structuring Table and Graph Data in Jedox Web

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When building reports in Jedox, we’re referencing to data and metadata stored in the Jedox OLAP database. In order to get the desired data in your report, either tabular or graphical, we have to define the server/database, the cube and the coordinates. In order to make your report understandable for customers or fellow designers you need to structure your data

4 11, 2014

Jedox Analyzer Report Or Pivot Table … Jazz it up !!!

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Hi, In this article I would like to draw your attention towards the back burner feature of Jedox called as “Analyzer Report”, Its one of the interesting and powerful features of Jedox which seems to me under utilized. Reason’s being users are more fixated towards the standard/fixed reports which resolves their work issues and move on, or there’s no interest in the data