Unitymedia is Germany’s leading cable network operator. The company has 2,700 employees and provides broadband cable services to 13 million households in three states. Unitymedia is a subsidiary of Liberty Global, the largest international TV and broadband company.

Part of a step-by-step BI deployment

Unitymedia is in the process of replacing its Excel-based tools for planning, reporting, and analysis with a Jedox-based solution. Due to the positive experiences within its finance department, the company has also deployed the software in human resources.
The prime goal was to make the process leaner and more flexible by automating routine tasks and utilize the time gained for strategic human resources management. It also wanted to improve the overall planning quality through a central source of data for all participants, higher granularity down to individual employee levels, and optional simulations of various cost development scenarios.

Seamless connection to SAP HCM

With the support of Jedox consultants, the team built a tailored solution for reporting, analysis, and planning. The project began with annual planning and later added a monthly rolling forecast in a second phase. The HR system, SAP HCM is connected as the source system and delivers the necessary operational master and transaction data through an interface.

Integrated enterprise planning

HR and financial planning are integrated in the Jedox solution. The aggregated values of the detailed HR planning flow directly into financial planning, which is first conducted separately without taking any personnel costs into consideration.
Approximately 300 users have access to an enterprise finance portal in Jedox which contains select KPIs from HR planning. This provides fast access to important information, such as the number of employees per department, at any time.

Solid forecasts through rolling, detailed planning and simulation

Thanks to Jedox, the HR team was able to implement a tailored planning solution for its specific needs. The granular planning model includes all material costs allocated to internal and external staff. It also automates complex cost accounts, individual commission models, and staff shifting through defined formulas and rules.

More transparency

Planning at Unitymedia is based on actual data, which is loaded monthly from SAP HCM and adjusted by HR business partners in the individual departments. As soon as the plan data has been revised and approved, the aggregated full-time equivalent (FTE) values and costs are available in the financial planning. This clearly shows how the planned personnel spending affects the P&L.

Compliant with data protection regulations

Jedox fulfills the stringent data privacy requirements within human resources and, in particular, the telecommunications industry. The workers’ council and data protection officers at Unitymedia both gave their approval for the Jedox implementation.

The sophisticated access controls, which allow different permissions to be defined for the same user role, were one of many compelling arguments for the software.

Very lean and manageable

The company has intentionally kept the number of users to a minimum. 15 planners work with Jedox at the present time. Only three HR staff members have access to the complete set of numbers. The HR business partners can view the data segment for their specific department.
Data streams are also kept at a manageable level. The interface to the source system only accesses the required data from individual SAP tables, while aggregated values flow from the detailed HR plan to the cost center level in financial planning.

More time for trend analysis

HR reporting and planning has profited from the powerful BI solution both in terms of speed and quality. The plausible plan values have minimized the need for follow-up changes, which was commonplace in the past. The HR project team users can now deliver detailed information at any time and focus their energy on strategic analyses of forecasts and trends. In the future, the team intends to add rolling, medium-term planning and further statistical analyses to the Jedox solution. A dashboard containing all HR performance indicators is also in planning.

“Jedox has created a foundation for strategic talks through highquality HR planning and fast access to personnel data.“ – Jörg Wendler, Director Workforce Management, Unitymedia GmbH