These stats should clarify which teams has developed positively in the top European leagues in comparison to last year. The analysis compares each team at the same time last year – it includes only teams that have played the last two years in the top division of the country. Top 4 Leagues are in this case Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga.

As always this report was done with Jedox and can be dynamically filtered by user.


The basis for sorting are the points gained additionally – compared to last year (absolute value – for BVB +10). Furthermore, the improved ranking is displayed (from 14 to 2) and the winning (+3 more wins) / draw (+1) and loss (-4) deviations. Further comparisons show additional goals scored (BVB: +12 | +120%) and points per game in the 2015-16 season (2,13).

Here are the results for each League:




La Liga



Premier League



Serie A

And now the Top Ten in Europe:

Top Ten Teams compared to last year


Flop Ten:

Flop Ten in Euopean Soccer by now compared to last year